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Company was founded

1Company was founded

In 2007, a young man with a dream come to this dream city-shenzhen, join in the LED industry. Coincidentally, the young man found that the LED lights is more energy saving and more environmentally. He catched that the LED will have a good future. Then he built a small trading company by using his salary about tens of thousands- LED WORKER.

As a company the owners have over 8 years experience in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial products to industry. We understand customer service and custom products. One thing we don't do is sell products that will give you issues. We check an double check all products we sell before we offer them to our customers. We also know that in this business you need to be specific about specifications so when we ask you a lot of questions we do that because we need to know the specifics about the job before we provide you a quote.

2Company history

Only 3 members at the beginning. After everyone efforts, we follow the market, treat the customers with best service, high loyalty and variours products. Finally, we earned some high loyal customers.

Many customers cooperate with us till now, we are not only business partners, we would like to say that we are friends. This is Matthew from Australia, Jim from Canada, Andrea from Italy, Jens from Germany ect. We work more than 9 years.

LED WORKER developed quickly from 2008 to 2010. We are a star company in the LED industry. Built our own factory, which is about 1600 square meters. There are 88 employees and many high technologies testing machines, such as: LED light Aging Test; high temperature aging test; Wave soldering; reflow soldering; light integrating spheres; thermal shock.

We believe that quality is the base in cooperation, so we pay high attention to the quality, quote with reasonable price and never lower the producing standard. The Alibaba invited us to share some successful experience due to our continuous and stable developing.

The segments and restructuring of LED industry from 2013 to 2016, we also meet some bottleneck . Our main products LED Strip as very mature products already not the part let us earn profit , we investment a lot in develop department, the goal is let Made-in-china, change to China create. Use technical innovation, new design, high quality also  competitive cost products to meet different customers request.

Now our main products including: LED strip and industry light are popular on the market. Their Strip , floodlight, high bay, tunnel light, industry bulb, ect,. Most of them have UL, ETL, DLC,CE,RoHS certifications.

We would like to grow up together with the customer and cooperate with more and more excellent customers. Currently, we are one of the supplier for Ford Motor Company; we are working for some governments in Indonesia; we are the specified supplier for a big furniture manufacturer in Brazil. We will work harder and smarter all the time to service more customer with our professional products. LED WORKER hoping to build a amazing future with your together.

Company history
Certificate of honor

3Certificate of honor

At the same time, we consider more for our customer. In the spring of 2015, we got the DLC,ETL,UL and energy star certificates. The customer will get some subsides with the support of the DLC, ETL and energy star. For example, the customer could get even $75 from the local government if they buy a $100 product. All of this bring more profits for the customer and earned high praise for us.

Now, LED WORKER treats the development of technology as the main productivity, upgrading our competitive all the time due to the demands of the market.UL, SAA, CE, Rohs, DLC, ETL, lighting source, UL, SAA, CE, Rohs, DLC, ETL and energy star listed, SGS is applying.

 Product certification 

  • LED flood light 2CE

    LED flood light 2CE

  • LED flood light CE

    LED flood light CE

  • LED flood light ROHS

    LED flood light ROHS

  • LED strip 2 ROHS

    LED strip 2ROHS

  • LED strip CE

    LED strip CE

  • LED strip ROHS

    LED strip ROHS

  • LED tube T8 ROHS

    LED tube T8 ROHS

  • LED tube T8 2 CE

    LED tube T8 2CE

  • LED tube T8 CE

    LED tube T8 CE