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OEM/ODM bike strip light kit

OEM/ODM bike strip light kit - Battery pack, waterproof cable 

OEM/ODM bike strip light kit

Accessories Battery pack, waterproof cable

A variety of colors, you can choose to control RGB lights


CE / ROSH listed

2-years warranty




1.PCB Color: White/Brown/Black

2.Waterproof Grade: IP20,IP65, IP67, IP68 3.Lumen Per Led : 3~4lm/5~6lm/6~7lm/10~12lm/15~18lm/18~21lm 

4.SMD:2835,335,5630,3528,5050 for optional 

5.Voltage:110/220 v,12v/24v DC 

6.Accessories: Controller, Connector ,clips, Power Supplier

7.Package:5m/roll, 100m/roll 

8. Different connector easy for you connect the cut part.Can make the connector on transformer to sure easy connect and totally waterproof.

9. Silicone hollow tube & Silicone glue good for waterproof, and keep it Anti-oxidation, anti-UV radiation and won‘t change color after long time use. 

10. Vivid color , safety (No glass in it), long life time, good price

11. OEM/ODM are welcome. Sell for the wholesaler or supermarket.

12. Make the special installation drawing for your special project.


bike strip lights


Battery cable

LED Strip cable: Straight cable, Y cable

60LED/M LED strip
30LED/M LED strip

Battery pack and install


Higher Power for Bright Lights with 12V Rechargeable Lithium Battery Packs

This rechargeable Lithium Battery is the perfect solution for our LED light kits producing brighter lighting and longer lasting run-time. Neatly stored in our water resistant zipper case, it is easy to access with a simple on/off button. The zipper case also has addition storage room for on-board transport of small items.

strip battery
bike led strip


Flexible Self-Adhesive LED Strips (waterproof) with a Variety of Colors

Our LED strip lights come in a 50/50 configuration with 60 LEDs per meter. Complete with 3M adhesive strips, our lights are flexible and easy to apply. In addition, we have quick-connect connectors in "straight" or "Y" configurations which make them super fast and easy to install. We offer 4 colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Red. And in addition RGB with variable colors. ;


In-line or Parallel Application w/ spliltter Connectors & Quick-Connect Options

We design our kits in 3,5 or 7 strip configurations offering flexibility in coverage and cost. Our higher end RGB kits come in 4 or 6 strip configurations with multi-pin connectors (coming soon). Each kit comes with a how-to guide offering tips & tricks to laying out and installing your new kit!

Bike lights connection line
bike led strip lighting


Plug & Play Connectors and Adhesive Strips Make it a Fast and Fun Install

Since we make our kits very portable with quick-connect options, it is easy and fun to install on any bicycle, motorcycle or scooter. We recommend installing the battery case on or near the handlebars and adhearing the light strips to the frame. We also include cable ties for extra security or light strips and quick-connect sections.


This bike strip light can not only used on the bicycle, could also be used on car,outside or inside moving abjects. With battery recharge, colorful,easy to install,not only for lighting but also for enjoying.

  • bike led strip light application


Item Specification A2003
Performance Product Name: LED Strips
LED Light Source


IP classification IP65
Product Dimension (mm) 5000*10*2.3mm
Avaliable color Any color
PCB color white/ black
CRI  > 70 Ra or >80 Ra
Life time > 50,000hrs
Input voltage DC12V
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C


Easy cut and connector

Easy cut and connector




Item Carton size G.W/Carton Quantity
LW-A2003 480*400*240mm 6.8kg 5M/ROLL 50ROLL/BOX


LEDWorker lighting production process


Production Process





Our Exhibition



Customer Visit

Customer Visit



1.What products does LEDWorker Lighting provide?

LED wall pack, LED strip, LED floodlight, LED tube, and some relative products.

2.Do you accept OEM?

Yes, this is our regular cooperation and business. We accept producing products under Clients' brands.

3.If IP65, IP68 strip can use for advertisement letters?

Yes, this strip also can be cutted and connet, we will give suitable accessories with your goods.

4.Why are LEDs of some colors more expensive than LEDs of other colors?

One reason is that different semiconductor materials are used for different color LEDs, and some semiconductor materials are more expensive than others; another reason is that manufacturing costs are different. White LEDs are the most expensive because red, green and blue LEDs are combined together to make a white LED.

5.What do "cool white" and "warm white" mean, and what is CCT?

The Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is given in the description of each of our white led bulbs. The color (CCT) of our white bulbs ranges from a warm yellow white (2700K) to a cool blue white (7000K).By comparison, a typical incandescent bulb has a CCT of 2800K. A typical halogen is a bit higher, maybe 3500K. Daylight white is 4500K and a cool white fluorescent is 6000K or more. The human eye adapts to background light so that even a daylight white bulb will look slightly blue in a room illuminated mainly with incandescent bulbs. Similarly, an incandescent bulb will look very yellow or even orange in midday sunlight.

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