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Five steps let you know & choose better LED strip lights


LED strip already more and more popular to be used in our normal life. A lot of agent, designer, wholesaler, distributor, retailers would like buy LED strip lights from LED manufactory directly. We, LEDWorker lighting who have more than 10 years; experience for the LED strip would like help all of you to know and choose the better LED strips:


Why LED strips? What is it function?


LED strips nearly can instead any of light products. It’s easy cut and connect to different length, flexible, waterproof standard, different vivid color, low consumption, easy install, with controller, dimmer will have many different mode, customizable. Can used in home lighting, building profile, entertainment places ect.

LED strips have some many different type, how to sure which one is you want? The strip looks so similar how to choose the good quality? How to know if the brightness is enough for your application? How to install it? Which kind of controller or IC is good for my application? Which price is good for the strip?


First: Let us know LED strip lighting type:


With different SMD, it’s normally have 3528, 5050, 3014, 335,2835, 5730, be sure what you purchase is same size SMD

Choose which one as your application depends on what effect you need, 5050 is much more brighter than 3528SMD due to the 5050 have 3 chips inside, but 3528 only one. 335 is the side viewing strip not like others is surface lighting.

PCB color have White , Brown, Black, normally with cut mark for customer cut to length.

PCB have different copper foil thickness: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz. Different thickness will influence current, then influnce the brightness, lifetime and price.

Strip always have different color temperatures which including: normal color: red, yellow, blue, green, pure white, warm white, cool white, pink, purple, etc. And special color: purple for mosquito, infrared for medicine. Checking and be sure which color you want:.(Chromaticity Diagram)


Second: How to choose the suitable waterproof strip for my application


There have some types of waterproof, including: IP20 IP65 IP67 IP68, normally in Bathroom Kitchen, some products surface we need waterpoof type. Then what is the IPXX meaning?

IP20 is non waterproof type.
IP65 is put glue on it for waterproof, there have crystal glue, PU glue, silicon glue, the silicon glue will be much better for anti-yellowing problem.
IP67 is put strip on tube type.
IP68 is put glue and put it on tube.


What is the IP waterproof rating

IPX (1-6) The first digit: Ingress of solid objects   IPX (1-8) The second digit: Ingress of liquids  
No. Protection Range Description No. Protection Range Description
0 No protection No protection to the human or other objects 0 No protection No special water or moisture protection
1 Protected against solid objects over 50mm Any large surface of the body,such as the back of a hand,but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part 1 Protection from dripping water E.g.condensation water will not cause damage
2 Protected against solid objects over 12.5mm E.g. protect from fingers or similar objects 2 Protection from dripping water when tilted up to 15° Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect when the enclosure is tilted at an angle up to 15° from its normal position
3 Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm E.g. protect from tools,thick wires,etc. 3 Protection from spraying water Water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60° from the vertical shall have no harmful effect.
4 Protected against solid objects over 1.0mm E.g. protect from most wires,slender screws, ants etc. 4 Protection from splashing of water Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect
5 Limited protection against dust ingress (no harmful deposit) Completely prevent intrusion of foreign material,though not completely prevent dust intrusion,but the amount of dust intrusion does not affect the normal operation of electrical appliances 5 Protection from water jets Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects
6 Totally protected against dust ingress No ingress of dust;complete protection against contact(dust tight) 6 Protection from powerful water jets E.g.water projected from the big waves when the item installed on a boat
      7 Protection from water infiltration when soaking Water projected at a certain pressure or a certain time of the following criteria, to ensure that no damage due to soaking
      8 Protection from water infiltration when sinking Water projected when indefinitely sank at a given pressure, to ensure that no damage because of sinking



Third: Which brightness and CRI of each SMD.


Before we talk the brightness, let us know what is lumen, lllumination, lux. Pls check it on wikipedia.

Here must consider the place you use, and the purpose you want. You want the strip for lighting? Or for decorate? Or many different mode changing? The SMD & brightness form for your reference:






Pure white




Pure white




Pure white




Pure white















Every manufactory will provide the test report for their strip, for this you can get all the technical information you need. High CRI will let you see the color more turely, it’s normally used on lighting fruit or meat, mirror front lights,


Fourth: Install & Notes.


LED strip use and attention

LED strip for the conventional low-voltage constant current 12V ~ 24V, then 12V / 24 low voltage or purchase of switching power supply.

Installation method

1, indoor installation: LED strip for interior decoration, because do not have to withstand the wind and rain, so the installation is very simple. Each LED strip are affixed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, the installation can be directly tear off the 3M double-sided adhesive surface of the sticker, and then fixed to the strip light where you need to install, press the flat.
2, outdoor installation: outdoor installation will be subject to wind and rain, if the use of 3M glue fixed, then a long time will cause the 3M adhesive to reduce the resulting LED strip off, so outdoor installation card slot often fixed way

Red, green and blue, corresponding to red, green and blue colors, white is positive, please purchase matching RGB controller for remote control of color (can be red, green, blue, and white, red, green and blue) Set monochrome / all white or remote gradient, jump and change the color change speed ...)

Monochromatic soft light: the product leads to two power lines, one is red, one is black, red line is the power level, black line negative power supply. If the controller is used, the red wire connects to the positive output of the controller and the black connects to the negative terminal of the controller output.

When using this product in parallel, the proposed parallel; when used in series, the connection length of not more than 5 meters, so as not to lead to insufficient brightness voltage is not enough.


Fifth: Other thing have to consider:


When compare two strips means the brighter one is better than another? The answer is NO.  Increase the brightness is very easy, change the resistor will let strip brighter. But too much current will let strip drop quick, the strip will light but drop brightness very soon.

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